Downtrodden UU Member

By Simon

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My name is Simon Hughes. I’m a member of the UU Church of Las Cruces, NM. I was referred here by my church mentor Judy Licht. It’s been a rough few years. My Dad died suddenly from a heart attack in July 2013. Mom got a backache October of 2014, was incomprehensible right after Thanksgiving, diagnosed with numerous Cancers in December and died 2 weeks later. May of 2016 (after several months searching), I landed a full time job that I really liked. Shortly after starting, I developed severe chest pain and breathing issues and had to quit. 6 months of testing in many fields and finally found out it’s a severely pinched nerve. Though pain persists, I’ve just been released for part time work (though going to try full time). I’ve exhausted savings, and Estate proceeds. My brother is (barely) paying my mortgage and has been trying to lend money, but can no longer do so. I’ve tried public and Facebook crowdfunding to no avail, and had this suggested by several members of my UU Congregration. This money is SOLELY for bills and gas money. I have access to food and have Medicaid.

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