Bring Nonviolent Training to Owensboro, KY

Training local leaders in nonviolent direct action methods and strategies.
$150 Funded
- 38% of $4
35 Days Left

Expand MUUSJA’s Interfaith & Statewide Organizing

With our new Statewide Organizer, our ever-growing network of local and national partnerships, and deep interfaith work, MUUSJA is entering a new era.
$2,956 Funded
- 49% of $6,
4 Days Left

Not Your Mama’s Hymns

Ever wish you had beautiful UU hymns to listen to at home? Help us finish production on our new album, "Unfolding". These are not your mama's hymns!
$4,484 Funded
- 30% of $15,
34 Days Left

Save Rainbow Weekend for Rural Maine LGBTQ Youth

Help save Rainbow Ball Weekend for 250 LGBTQ & allied rural Maine youth. 10-year success building hope and resiliency, new host found, $ needed.
$3,050 Funded
- 38% of $8,
39 Days Left

Save Ranked-Choice Voting in 1st State to Win It

Support Maine People’s Veto to restore Ranked-Choice Voting, “2016 Most Valuable State Electoral Reform.” RCV blocked; UUs mobilize to win it back.
$2,490 Funded
- 100% of $2,5
9 Days Left

National Interfaith Clergy Witness at the NRA

On Thu., Dec. 14, 2017, leaders from many faith traditions will gather to bear witness at National Rifle Association headquarters.
$1,220 Funded
- 102% of $1,2
0 Days Left

I Am UU: Innovative Liberal   Religious Outreach

Raising the money to create a full-time paid position out of running the most popular UU-themed social media ministry.
$1,060 Funded
- 42% of $2,5
23 Days Left

Puerto Rico, With Love: South East MA Sends Aid

Help us send much needed aid to the churches that were affected by Hurricane Maria
$1,625 Funded
- 100% of $1,625
0 Days Left

No Child Goes Hungry

It’s crazy isn’t it, that any child goes to bed hungry? No Child Goes Hungry works to eliminate childhood hunger, one kid, one meal at a time.
$3,005 Funded
- 60% of $5,
18 Days Left