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Featured Projects

Rowe Certificate Program in Spiritual Guidance

Fund to make it possible for M. Beverly Miller to participate in the Rowe Center Certificate Program in Spiritual Guidance
$100.00 Funded
- 1.11% of $9,000
59 Days Left

Fund Hope: Sponsor a CLF   Prison Member Today!

The CLF Prison Ministry has experienced exponential growth in the last two years with over 800 members. Sponsor an incarcerated UU today!
$3,105.00 Funded
- 41.40% of $7,500
30 Days Left

Raising Money for Cambridge Sanctuary Work

It's time to replenish our funds to support our family in Sanctuary, and support the work of some of our key leaders.
$5,846.00 Funded
- 116.92% of $5,000
0 Days Left

Help Walter Get to the MFC

Help me defray the costs of the Ministerial Fellowship Committee, an important step that ensures UU ministers are ready to step into leadership.
$1,000.00 Funded
- 100.00% of $1,000
0 Days Left

Mercy for $12/ a day

Supporting one of our most vulnerable get back on her feet, finishing her sentence in the safety and support of her parents’ home. We need 71 people
$878.00 Funded
- 103.05% of $852
0 Days Left

UU Class Conversations for CA Bay Area 10-14-17

To help fund a UU Class Conversations to be held October 14, 2017 at UU Berkeley
$650.00 Funded
- 43.33% of $1,500
2 Days Left

Help a Small Congregation offer OWL

This Faithify campaign will help Free Church Unitarian to offer Our Whole Lives sexuality education classes for youth for the first time.
$675.00 Funded
- 93.75% of $720
17 Days Left

Help Jon Coffee get to the MFC

Help a candidate for ministry cover travel expense to the Ministerial Fellowship Committee.
$1,235.00 Funded
- 123.50% of $1,000
0 Days Left

International UU Young   Adults Gathering 2018

Your contributions will enable up to twenty young adults from around the world to attend the 2018 International Council of Unitarians and Universalists Conference in NE India.
$1,175.00 Funded
- 19.58% of $6,000
13 Days Left

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