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Featured Projects

SMALL CONGREGATION – New Kitchen to Serve Others

Our new kitchen will provide opportunities for food & fellowship with other groups and food assistance for those in need.
$200.00 Funded
- 4.55% of $4,400
56 Days Left

Help Us “Be the Love” With Social Justice     Programs

Help a small congregation in Hudson, MA reach beyond its walls to expand its social justice programming to the wider community.
$1,100.00 Funded
- 22.92% of $4,800
26 Days Left

DA Accountability Campaign

District Attorneys have an incredible amount of power in Massachusetts and most people don't even know who they are. It's time to change this!
$780.00 Funded
- 39.00% of $2,000
20 Days Left

Spirit of Aging:Resiliency through   Conscious Aging

HUUF is sponsoring 'The Spirit of Aging' workshop for interfaith congregations to develop a resiliency and conscious aging network in Humboldt County.
$680.00 Funded
- 34.00% of $2,000
15 Days Left

Emergency Ministerial Internship Stipend

Emergency Ministerial Internship Stipend for John Boom-Ramirez - (He has to switch internship sites half way through)
$2,555.00 Funded
- 102.20% of $2,500
4 Hours Left

Opening the Door to Our  Future

The campaign will allow us to clear and cover a dirt floor under our parish hall which serves a meeting place for the members and many diverse groups.
$40.00 Funded
- 2.22% of $1,800
41 Days Left

Emily and Lisa’s Ordination  Support  Fund

We are First U Members Emily Bruce and Lisa Garcia-Sampson and we are both ministers in formation, raising funds for ordination costs.
$2,155.00 Funded
- 126.76% of $1,700
40 Days Left

Rowe Certificate Program in Spiritual Guidance

Fund to make it possible for M. Beverly Miller to participate in the Rowe Center Certificate Program in Spiritual Guidance
$2,755.00 Funded
- 30.61% of $9,000
34 Days Left

Fund Hope: Sponsor a CLF   Prison Member Today!

The CLF Prison Ministry has experienced exponential growth in the last two years with over 800 members. Sponsor an incarcerated UU today!
$6,945.00 Funded
- 92.60% of $7,500
6 Days Left

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