Civil Rights Road Trip for 1U Youth Group

OrlandoUU youth group would like to learn more about the Civil Rights Movement, how we fit into it and what our next steps might be via a trip to AL.
$717.00 Funded
- 71.70% of $1,000
24 Days Left

UUFN YoUth GroUp 2017 GA Trip New Orleans

Help YoUth GroUp members from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark (UUFN) get to General Assembly in New Orleans, LA!
$547.00 Funded
- 54.70% of $1,000
33 Days Left

Help Keep Wind Damage   from Slowing Progress

Our church has been experiencing an exciting revival. Then, all of a sudden, a freak wind storm damages our roof but hopefully not our momentum.
$537.00 Funded
- 10.74% of $5,000
18 Days Left

Bending the Arc to Justice:   UUCB & Civil Rights

This documentary film examines the role the Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham (UUCB) played in the Civil Rights movement in Alabama.
$2,447.00 Funded
- 61.18% of $4,000
46 Days Left


STRETCH GOAL ADDED! First Parish Bedford is preparing a space to provide physical sanctuary for a person(s) facing imminent deportation.
$7,810.00 Funded
- 130.17% of $6,000
9 Days Left

Support UU Young Adult Worship at Navy Boot Camp

UUMMGL offers weekly Unitarian Universalist worship for young adult Navy recruits. We need $5,300 to reach our fiscal year 2017-2018 budget.
$3,927.00 Funded
- 74.09% of $5,300
5 Days Left

Who Are YoUU? Help Valley UU youth go to Boston!

Valley UU teens raising funds to travel to the home of American Unitarianism and Universalism--Boston!
$5,151.00 Funded
- 103.02% of $5,000
0 Days Left

Immigration Justice: Youth   Crossing Borders

Youth traveling to the US-Mexico border to learn about immigration justice and to serve with organizations that assist migrants.
$1,040.00 Funded
- 104.00% of $1,000
5 Days Left

Ordination of Suzanne Fast

Ordination of Suzanne Fast by the UU Church of Fort Myers
$2,057.00 Funded
- 108.26% of $1,900
0 Days Left