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Featured Projects

Jail Ministry, The Gap Pack Project

A Gap Pack is intended for individuals just released from the Tulsa jail by providing basic essentials for their first 24 hours after release.
$605.00 Funded
- 121.00% of $500
0 Days Left

Immigration Justice: Youth   Crossing Borders

Youth traveling to the US-Mexico border to learn about immigration justice and to serve with organizations that assist migrants.
$65.00 Funded
- 6.50% of $1,000
33 Days Left

Reversing Inequality   Conference April 2017

The UUJEC/UUSJ conference “Reversing Inequality” will support efforts to create a more just and equitable society.
$1,025.00 Funded
- 102.50% of $1,000
0 Days Left

Youth Empowerment Through Participation!

With your help, for the first time, our Coming Of Age Youth will attend General Assembly where they will participate in Youth Caucus!
$1,385.00 Funded
- 92.33% of $1,500
18 Days Left

Ordination of Suzanne Fast

Ordination of Suzanne Fast by the UU Church of Fort Myers
$2,057.00 Funded
- 108.26% of $1,900
8 Hours Left

Ground Transport for Service & Learning Trip

We will visit Immokalee, Florida, through the UUCSJ, to serve and learn about farm workers' rights, fair food and environmental justice.
$2,100.00 Funded
- 105.00% of $2,000
0 Days Left

Youth to DC: Serve the Poor &   Lobby on the Hill

Feed the hungry AND address policies that made them so. Youth will tackle both aspects of poverty.
$615.00 Funded
- 30.75% of $2,000
33 Days Left

Stronger Together! Concert  Empowering Poor Women

Support our Stronger Together! concert to give women in San Diego, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, & Uganda tools to work their way out of poverty.
$2,500.00 Funded
- 104.17% of $2,400
0 Days Left

Help Us Help Safe Passage

Maine Youth Help Families Living at the Guatemala City Dump
$4,280.00 Funded
- 171.20% of $2,500
0 Days Left

Clean Water for the Woodlands

Funds will finance a Water Bank which supplies 20 gallons of water weekly to 35 families with contaminated water due to fracking in their communities.
$3,129.00 Funded
- 125.16% of $2,500
0 Days Left

Green Sanctuary in   the Desert

Our small congregation has developed a plan to beautify our grounds, so that our church is pleasing to the eye and spirit. This is the first stage.
$600.00 Funded
- 20.00% of $3,000
4 Days Left

Photos of Oppression,   Solidarity, and Hope

A traveling photo exhibition showcasing movements of oppression, solidarity, and hope.
$730.00 Funded
- 24.33% of $3,000
42 Days Left

Building Beloved Community Beyond the Binary

A conference for gender non-conforming people, families, friends and allies. Featuring Kate Bornstein, transgender trailblazer, artist, and activist.
$4,105.00 Funded
- 102.63% of $4,000
0 Days Left

Build a home for a desperately poor Mayan family.

Build a home for a very poor indigenous family in Panajachel Guatemala.
$4,200.00 Funded
- 105.00% of $4,000
0 Days Left

Ordination of Jo Ann Elizabeth Green

Raise funds for the Ordination Ceremony of Jo Ann Elizabeth Green, hosted by UU Church of the Restoration and UU Church in Cherry Hilll
$750.00 Funded
- 17.86% of $4,200
5 Days Left

Sustainable Orphanage  Garden Improvement   Project

Assist the UU of Northeast India Annie Margaret Barr orphanage to become agriculturally self sufficient by terracing more of the surrounding land.
$870.00 Funded
- 18.91% of $4,600
23 Days Left

Help Preserve Channing’s   Monument

175 years after William Ellery Channing’s death, his monument at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA stands in need of conservation.
$2,635.00 Funded
- 52.70% of $5,000
29 Days Left

The Global Majorities Collective: a UU POC Project

The Global Majorities Collective, a new project of DRUUMM, is an experiment in creating a new UU culture, BY and FOR People of Color.
$5,992.00 Funded
- 119.84% of $5,000
32 Days Left

Social Justice Work at Safe   Passage in Guatemala

In July, youth from UUSS will travel to Guatemala City, where we will spend time working with youth of Camino Seguro (Safe Passage).
$5,750.00 Funded
- 115.00% of $5,000
33 Days Left

Who Are YoUU? Heritage Trip to Boston

Valley UU in Arizona is planning to send the Coming of Age teenagers to Boston. They will discover some of our faith’s sacred origin stories.
$0 Funded
- 0% of $5,000
28 Days Left

Meaning Makers Young Adult Retreat – Travel Fund

Meaning Makers Young Adult Retreat - Help us gather our UU Young Adults from across North America by donating to our travel fund.
$820.00 Funded
- 16.40% of $5,000
21 Days Left

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