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Who Are YoUU? Help Valley UU youth go to Boston!

Valley UU teens raising funds to travel to the home of American Unitarianism and Universalism--Boston!
$5,151.00 Funded
- 103.02% of $5,000
0 Days Left

Stronger Together! Concert  Empowering Poor Women

Support our Stronger Together! concert to give women in San Diego, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, & Uganda tools to work their way out of poverty.
$2,500.00 Funded
- 104.17% of $2,400
0 Days Left

Help Open Hearts and Doors in West Virginia

West Virginia's largest UU sanctuary is hopping with many new regular attendees, but we literally can't open our doors to welcome everyone inside.
$6,055.00 Funded
- 100.92% of $6,000
0 Days Left

Meaning Makers Young Adult Retreat – Travel Fund

Meaning Makers Young Adult Retreat - Help us gather our UU Young Adults from across North America by donating to our travel fund.
$5,015.00 Funded
- 100.30% of $5,000
0 Days Left

OWL: Revolutionary sex   (education), Hawaii

Let OWL fly in Hawaii and beyond! Fund an all-level Our Whole Lives Training of Trainers [ToT] to support quality sexuality education.
$5,200.00 Funded
- 104.00% of $5,000
0 Days Left

Resettle LGBTQI Refugees

Thousands of queer (LGBTQI) refugees are part of the current flow of immigrants fleeing persecution and strife-torn regions of the world. Queer people face the death penalty in 7 countries and imprisonment in 78. Some are able to get refugee status in the US or come as asylum seekers. We provide: Emotional/practical support; social support/friendship; housing, jobs & educational aid; acutely needed financial backing; navigating bureaucracy.
$6,195.00 Funded
- 123.90% of $5,000
0 Days Left

Green Sanctuary in   the Desert

Our small congregation has developed a plan to beautify our grounds, so that our church is pleasing to the eye and spirit. This is the first stage.
$600.00 Funded
- 20.00% of $3,000
0 Days Left

Scholarship Fund for Young Adult Peer Chaplains

We’re training young adults, primarily from the MidAmerica Region, as peer chaplains to provide care for communities without professional ministers.
$360.00 Funded
- 144.00% of $250
0 Days Left

Help Us Help Safe Passage

Maine Youth Help Families Living at the Guatemala City Dump
$4,280.00 Funded
- 171.20% of $2,500
0 Days Left

Bending the Arc to Justice:   UUCB & Civil Rights

This documentary film examines the role the Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham (UUCB) played in the Civil Rights movement in Alabama.
$4,075.00 Funded
- 101.88% of $4,000
0 Days Left

Clean Water for the Woodlands

Funds will finance a Water Bank which supplies 20 gallons of water weekly to 35 families with contaminated water due to fracking in their communities.
$3,129.00 Funded
- 125.16% of $2,500
0 Days Left

Supporting our UU youth: rebuilding our playground

Our religious education program is the heart of the future of our church and our community. Our 20-year old playground needs to be rebuilt.
$0 Funded
- 0% of $2,000
0 Days Left

Help Preserve Channing’s    Monument

175 years after William Ellery Channing’s death, his monument at Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA stands in need of conservation.
$5,390.99 Funded
- 107.82% of $5,000
0 Days Left


STRETCH GOAL ADDED! First Parish Bedford is preparing a space to provide physical sanctuary for a person(s) facing imminent deportation.
$9,240.00 Funded
- 154.00% of $6,000
0 Days Left

Building Beloved Community Beyond the Binary

A conference for gender non-conforming people, families, friends and allies. Featuring Kate Bornstein, transgender trailblazer, artist, and activist.
$4,105.00 Funded
- 102.63% of $4,000
0 Days Left

Help Undocumented  Students Achieve Their   Dreams

Stretch Goal Added! Fund emergency grants to help undocumented students pay rent, tuition, or other critical expenses that threaten their ability to stay in college.
$8,500.00 Funded
- 170.00% of $5,000
0 Days Left

Launchpad: Fund,  Coach, and Support    Liberating Faith!

Launchpad harnesses all the energy in liberating faith to create and support sustainable ministries that touch and transform real lives.
$16,177.00 Funded
- 107.85% of $15,000
0 Days Left

Jail Ministry, The Gap Pack Project

A Gap Pack is intended for individuals just released from the Tulsa jail by providing basic essentials for their first 24 hours after release.
$605.00 Funded
- 121.00% of $500
0 Days Left

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