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Featured Projects

October 2017 Faith and Climate Conference

This 2nd Faith and Climate Conference is on the theme of Love at the Crossroads: Climate and Social Justice. Interfaith panel, 21 workshops, & Keynote
$250.00 Funded
- 33.33% of $750
55 Days Left

OWL in Northwest Florida, Greater Pensacola Area

Bringing Our Whole Lives (OWL), the UU comprehensive sexuality education program, to the community of Pensacola.
$1,545.00 Funded
- 103.00% of $1,500
43 Days Left

Seizing an Opportunity for   Church Growth

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Augusta (UUCA) is launching a 3-year targeted membership campaign.
$120.00 Funded
- 6.00% of $2,000
29 Days Left

Boise UU Fellowship Choir   Tour to Transylvania

Boise UU Choir's 2018 musical pilgrimage to Transylvania will explore our Unitarian roots and celebrate our partnership with the Mészkő Congregation.
$5,180.00 Funded
- 103.60% of $5,000
5 Days Left

Sometimes the Caregiver Needs Care

Caring for disabled friends, a family with three children face the mother's cancer, lost wages and threatened homelessness.
$1,505.00 Funded
- 60.20% of $2,500
12 Days Left

International Faith &   Leadership Development

Empowering existing and emerging Unitarian/Universalist groups to sustain and grow our global faith community
$6,740.00 Funded
- 84.25% of $8,000
2 Days Left

Love Boat – NOVA Multi-Congregation RE Teacher Training

Fund "Love Boat" RE Teacher Training for 11 UU Congregations to sail into a great year of teaching in the NOVA cluster. Speakers, lunch & childcare funded for 200+ area RE teachers.
$4,000.00 Funded
- 100.00% of $4,000
0 Days Left

OWL: Revolutionary sex   (education), Hawaii

Let OWL fly in Hawaii and beyond! Fund an all-level Our Whole Lives Training of Trainers [ToT] to support quality sexuality education.
$5,200.00 Funded
- 104.00% of $5,000
0 Days Left

Interfaith Dialogue in   Appalachia

Help us bring the internationally famous Interfaith Amigos (Jewish Rabbi, a Muslim Imam, and Christian Minister) to Appalachian Ohio.
$4,080.00 Funded
- 102.00% of $4,000
0 Days Left

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